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What do you think about our new design for this Summer

Updated: Mar 20

Hello everyone,

We've received numerous inquiries about our sculpture-making process. There are various methods employed in designing sculptures, tailored to the specific size and intricacy of each piece. Among the techniques we commonly utilize is sketching or creating a layout of the sculpture, incorporating the industrial parts we intend to use. However, this method often requires substantial time for modifications to achieve perfection.

A more recent and efficient approach adopted by our artists is designing everything using Graphic Software. This software allows for precise and detailed digital rendering, streamlining the design process. Attached is an image of a Dragonfly sculpture featuring LED Edison bolts for its tail. This particular sculpture was conceptualized and refined entirely within SolidWorks before production commenced.

In addition to the Dragonfly, we've successfully crafted sculptures like the Ant using these methods. Notably, our initial design specified the use of 110 volts for the Edison bolts. However, prioritizing safety, we're exploring the utilization of 24 volts for the LED bolts instead.

We welcome any ideas or advice regarding this design, as ensuring both aesthetic appeal and safety is paramount in our artistic endeavors.

Thank you

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