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I got my standing alien, dragon and scorpion today and just had to say thank you for such wonderful items. I can’t seem to stay away from your site and will be buying more items from you very soon. People, the sculptures from this company will blow your socks off and really make you appreciate how much time and effort is put in to them. I can’t say enough about these sculptures except...amazing!Fawn Littlesky Date: 2/12/2018 Time: 8:12 pm
Big Bad Robot Warrior III Sculpture (Product ID: sf067). I love Bio Shock and have been looking for a Big Daddy figurine for quite some time. I also love steam punk and metal work art. So, when I saw this at WizardWorld I was amazed. Great quality work. Solid, hefty, beautiful hand crafted work. Much, much better than a production line plastic figurine. Very happy.Date: 2/5/2018 Time: 7:25 pm
A Little John Robot Sculpture (Product ID: sf256). I got this for a present for my dad, who is big on movies. He loves the sculpture and uses it as an end piece on his shelf. It is very durable and is hefty to keep up books and dvds.Date: 1/26/2018 Time: 12:29 pm
I love my early Christmas present of Undead 2. It arrived 4 days later in excellent condition. He will be a great addition to my garage scrap art. Will recommend to admiring friends.Charles Downing/Houston, TX Date:12/5/2017 Time: 3:01 pm
The workmanship is amazing. The art always well made and complex; the pieces are wonderful, unique gifts. I've made several orders on-line and all of them went well. If there is a problem with availability of certain pieces, the staff has personally made sure that I receive a different piece of my choosing or a refund as fast as possible. I will be buying more work from this company; they always seem to have new, beautiful sculptures every time I visit their site.Vereda Marks, Rohnert Park, CA Date: 11/27/2017 Time: 1:10 pm
I was very happy with the sculpture! My friend loved it as it was one of her B-day giftsThanks again for making a female version for me.Theresa Weiss, San Mateo, CA Date: 11/21/2017 Time: 5:12 pm
I was at wizard world portland 1-2 years ago when i saw the Metal Souls booth. I got this statue because i love art work and video games rolled into one. The level of craftsman work on this item was too awesome. I had to have it cause i love having unique and rare statues of video game characters and other collectibles in my room and on display. I would totally recommend this artist and their sculptures to collectors and art lovers.Sean Abbott, Date: 10/31/2017 Time: 8:08 am
I picked him up at SLCC. I love him and my husband loves him even more! This is quite the compliment coming from him. It is well made and beautiful. Thank youSadi, Salt lake, UT, Date: 9/23/2017 Time: 10:52 am
I purchased three items, yet the Lion stands alone! It is magnificent!L Price, Date: 9/08/2017 Time: 11:10 am
The first time I saw the T -rex if knew I had to have it. This creature is amazing.The craftsmanship is second to none. I could not be happier and customer service is excellent. I am going to custom order a item for my son for his birthday coming up in a couple months.
We got this as a gift/award and it's tremendous artistry coupled with a bad a$$ concept!Kelly Sander, Lancaster, NY, Date: 8/7/2017 Time: 10:35 am
I ordered this as a gift and it turned out amazing. The craftsmanship is great, and I will definitely be ordering again.Megan Phillips, Cuyahoga Falls OH, Date: 5/9/2017 Time: 5:29 pm
Thank you Jack for my recent purchase of Predator from you, I love it!!!Richard Ramos, Union City, CA Date: 5/9/2017 Time: 5:29 pm
Saw these metal sculptures at a college event in Fresno. they're so good, I bought four of them! For the sci-fi fans, the Alien and Predator figures are outstanding. A lot of artistic talent goes into the creation of these sculptures, and the detail is very impressive.Andrew, Fresno, Ca Date: 04/23/2017 Time: 5:29 pm
The shipment was packed with so much care, and the item is just perfect. It's amazing the art that Metal Souls can make with scrap metal. This TIE Bomber looks good enough to be in the movie, yet with a unique look all of it's own!Brian Grellner, Astoria, CA Date: 12/12/2016 Time: 10:51 am
Love this piece! It's the perfect gift for my brother who loves robots and movies about robots! Thank you!Lisa Guthridge, Date: 11/14/2016 Time: 7:15 am
I have one of these, and it is absolutely FABULOUS. If you are a dragon fan, this is definitely worth your money!Craw, Date: 11/14/2016 Time: 6:18 pm
A really unique piece of Americana pop culture industrial art. These guys really get what makes giant robots rad.Mike Bolger, San Francisco, CA Date: 10/29/2016 Time: 7:54 pm
We purchased Sally at the Taste of Colorado and requested Jack online. He was available within a week of our request. These will be Christmas gifts to our grandson and granddaughter-in-law. We are extremely satisfied with these two sculptures.Dueward Finkenbinder, Thornton CO Date: 09/16/2016 Time: 7:53 am
Love this sculpture.Robert Vreeland, San Francisco CA Date: 08/14/2016 Time: 3:43 pm
Awesome! 2nd item I have purchased from this business!Adam Groft, Shillington PA Date: 08/11/2016 Time: 7:50 am
This piece in particular has a lot of soul. You were able to take scrap metal and put it together to make a familiar face with personality. This is guy is my spiritual animal.Mike Bolger, San Jose, CA Date: 07/20/2016 Time: 11:20 pm
I bought this at the Sac Wizard Con 2015, my third sculpture from this company. I think it's my favorite. It just looks incredibly menacing. Excellent work.Chris, Sacramento, CA Date: 07/15/2016 Time: 9:51 am
Super cute and arrived in 3 days! Will definitely be ordering more from here! Great giftsBritton, Minot, ND Date: 07/11/16 Time: 10:23 am
Great size, price, and craftsmanshipBritton, Minot, ND Date: 07/11/16 Time: 10:20 am
My friend bought a Loki minion sculpture from Metal Souls at Wizard World Philly, but they were sold out by the time I got there. The guy at the booth was really helpful in instructing me on how to order online. The customer service I received via email, when I had questions or difficulties ordering, was excellent. I love my little Loki Minion. He's so cute! I'll definitely be ordering from Metal Souls again.Meagan N, Madison, WI Date: 07/11/16 Time: 3:26 am
I was at a comic-con 3 years ago and I saw this sculpture in person. I passed on the purchase but ever since then I couldn't get it out of my mind. It's so impressive by its size and detail. You have to see it in person to truly appreciate how every washer, bolt, chain and spark plug is welded into place to create a shape that is so iconic. It was a piece of art I had to own it I ever saw it again.Finally, I saw the metal Yoda at another comic-con and there was no stopping me this time, I had to buy it! Now, it sits in my office and it will stop people in their tracks. People are baffled and in awe of it's intricate detail and craftsmanship. I don't own any socially acceptable art but I own a sculpture of Yoda by Metal Souls and it's awesome!Agrifino Edralin Date: 07/02/2016 Time: 4:13 pm
We bought this for our nephew's 13th birthday. He loved it! He also had fun trying to identify all the pieces that make up his sculpture. I am having fun picking out unique gifts (from this website) for other family members and friends.Jax, Pooler GA Date: 05/24/16 Time: 4:49 pm
I bought this for my office, and I've received lots of compliments! Very well made. I am recommending Metal Souls to everyone!Cindy Date: 05/18/2016 Time: 1:11 pm
This guy took no time at all to arrive at my doorstep. Once I could finally get all the protective wrapping off him,. WOW!!!!!!! He is an awesome sight with 3 weapons, he weighs a tonne. Very well built. Thank so much my son is gonna love it. He just has to wait till November:(Annita Burelli, AU, Australia Date: 05/17/2016 Time: 5:56 pm
Larger piece, great details! Perfect accent for those superhero fans~ really and so very pleased with this purchase!Kelly Sander, Lancaster, NY Date: 04/15/2016 Time: 1:59 pm
This is the BEST piece I've seen!!! It is HUGE! Heavy and very detailed - seriously one of my favorites.Kelly Sander, Lancaster, NY Date: 04/15/2016 Time: 1:58 pm
I give it 5 stars for the quality of the sculpture and 5 stars for the speed of shipping. I have 3 others and I wanted the final one to complete our family's sculptures. Great quality and I'm glad I didn't have to wait until the next craft fair in Fresno to pick one up. So glad for online ordering.Gina, Fresno, CA Date: 03/16/2016 Time: 10:14 pm
This piece is so beautiful. We enjoyed looking at each detail in this piece. It is amazing. Well made and worth every penny. I cannot wait to order more pieces!Gary Rothwell, The Woodlands, TX Date: 03/13/2016 Time: 7:51 pm
I bought this Companion Sculpture today at a convention and am in love with it already. It's sturdy, great quality, and very detailed. I like that C-3PO's top half screws in and R2-D2's head opens up. I'll definitely purchase other unique sculptures from Metal Souls.Emily Date: 02/28/2016 Time: 5:04 pm
I found this website 4 days before Christmas and ordered the Viking Warrior with Chain-mace Sculpture. I indicated in the comment section that this was a gift and if possible, ship before Christmas. I received notification that same day that my sculpture had been assembled and shipped. It arrived two days later exactly how it is described. Excellent workmanship and was enjoyed by its owner. Thanks!Ken, Land o lakes, FL Date: 12/29/2015 Time: 2:00 pm
Went over big time, as usual. Another success thanks to you.Tim, Lindenwold, NJ Date: 12/27/2015 Time: 12:36 pm
I gave this to my 13year old Grandson for Christmas and he was totally excited. Said it was the best gift he had received and that it was Definitely the Coolest!!!!!!Bobby Date: 12/26/2015 Time: 10:38 pm
This is the third sculpture I have purchased from your company. My grandson loves them!Mary Vaughan Date: 12/15/2015 Time: 11:20 pm
I have been searching for a dirt bike for my husband for a long time and this one is awesome!!! ThanksD. Matheson, CA, CANADA, Date: 10/01/2015 Time: 7:08 am
Great piece to add to my collection. The detail is phenomenal. I look forward to continue to add more to my collection in the future!Greg, Madera, CA Date: 09/28/2015 Time: 4:20 pm
Really good detailed Imperial Walker like metal sculpture that is very solid, sturdy good looking piece of art. Like it I do. It is my best one so far. Thanks they do really good work on these.Kirby Y, Reno, NV Date: 09/02/2015 Time: 8:43 pm
These are my favorite sculptures -Heavy, put together very well.Kelly, Lancaster, NY Date: 9/11/2015 Time: 3:09 pm
I just received my Big Car and love it to pieces. If my house was burning down, it would be one of the first things I'd grab (despite that it weighs 45 pounds). One thing the description doesn't say is there is an option to have it painted. I'd highly recommend this as it truly comes to life. I can't say enough about the quality and craftsmanship. If you have the money to spare it's well worth it. I plan to buy the big truck next. Thanks again Metal Souls!Jacob Chris, Clovis, CA Date: 08/31/15 Time: 7:22 pm
Overall this transaction went very well. The artist went above and beyond to add a more personal touch to my husbands 50th birthday gift. Everything turned out as promised. Now i fear i have opened another collecting door. Thanks Guys!!Wendy Kalivoda, Dunnellon, FL Date: 07/31/15 Time: 7:00 pm
The Mini Triceratop looks really cool and real. Fast shipping!Roy MP, Minneapolis, MN Date: 05/08/15 Time: 1:22 pm
I've always been satisfied with the items I've purchased from Metalsouls. The only thing that we had to wait three days to ship out after placing order. They contacted us to update the item we placed the order was out of order. They shipped it out on time as they promised.Tom Zac, St Louis, MO Date: 04/19/15 Time: 8:09 pm
I was looking for a 10-year (metal) anniversary gift for my hubby and we both enjoy rafting. After surfing the internet a bit for rafting sculptures, I came across the sculpture here. I went to order it, but it was out of stock! I was so bummed. I emailed their customer service to see if it would ever become available again. They promptly replied they would check with the artist. Within 24 hours I had new rafting sculpture in the works! I was very excited and happy it could be made again! My husband loved it and thought it was truly unique and creative. Thank you for helping me out!Susie Zderic, Monroe, MA Date: 03/09/15 Time: 7:18 pm
It is amazing, We bought the small Alien Queen $49 for my son's birthday. He was so freak out. It is great products, great service. We definitely buy another one in the future.Rosie Luu, Richmond, CA Date: 02/28/15 Time: 2:15 pm
Bought a Gizmo, Gremlin, and a Predator when you guys where at SacAnime Winter 2015 in January. I displayed them on my office and everyone went nuts. I will definitely buy more from you guys. Hope to see you again at SacAnime Summer, Fanime, Wizard World or any other Con.Joaquin/Sacramento, CA Date: 1/22/2015 Time: 9:13 am
Bad robot SF076. Love it! The head even swivels! Clever idea and beautifully done!Biran Wooddy, Sunnyvale CA Date: 12/13/2014 Time: 12:12 pm
You're about to get some business I threw your way. I've been showing off my Predator I purchased from you on Sunday at the Harvest Festival. I took it to my office and set it up on the shelf. People went nuts! Hopefully you get a few more happy customers thanks to your great work!Chris Kuhns, CA Date: 12/01/2014 Time: 11:57 pm
Just opened my package from you and the alien and K9 are amazing! So well made! Thanks so much I love themSarah Charlton, UK Date: 11/26/2014 Time: 11:09 am
I got my new sculptures and I LOVE them! They are in my office and I show them to everyone. Thanks for including extra business cards, I have been passing them out. I hope you get more business!Debra, Elkhart IN Date: 11/20/2014 Time: 5:20 pm
My husband and I purchased a robot sculpture at Comic Con and we love it. We walked around the whole place trying to find worthy souvenirs. We agreed on this. The piece is very sturdy and the details are beautiful. The artists were very friendly and professional. They turned junk into a masterpiece. I WANT MOAR!R. Skaggs, Tulsa, OK Date: 11/9/2014 Time: 5:18 pm
This is one awesome post.Thanks Again.Wooei Date: 11/05/2014 Time: 1:25 am
I saw their booth at the garlic festival. Love the creative sculptures! I love the the idea using recyclable parts. My cousin bought a minion at the festival and i couldn't resist so I bought one for a birthday present and as a thank you gift. The recipients loved them!Also I would like to mention that metal souls are very good emailing me back when I had questions regarding the product.
I just returned from comic con in Chicago where I bought this screwdriver. The detail is incredible. This is an unbelievable find. I would recommend this item to anyone looking for a unique "who" piece.Doctorwhofan, Chicago IL Date: 8/24/2014 Time: 8:45pm
One of your masterpieces, like all of themRichard Ramos, Dublin, CA Date: 8/06/2014 Time: 8:45pm
Got this piece for my fiancé for his birthday and he loves it! This is the second piece I have bought from Metal Souls and I can guarantee that it won't be my last!Jacque, Los Angeles Date: 8/02/2014 Time: 2:45pm
Amazing craftsmanship! Easily the coolest Alien piece I've added to my collection in years! Heavy duty, strong materials, ingenious design ! Very creative! Fast shipping a reasonably priced...looking forward to adding more from your shop to my collection in the near future!Er Lowe, Date:7/28/14 Time: 9:18 AM
I bought one of these and it looks amazing. It is solid and heavy. Mine looks exactly like the picture. I will be buying more of these sculptures.Filazafer, Date: 7/06/14 Time: 11:40 am
When you say you bring scrap metal to life that's no joke. I bought one of the medium size Alien Queen, Every time I look at her I expect her to jump off the shelf and chew my face off. Glad I did not buy the large one, I would have to sleep with the light on. Good stuff, keep it coming....Guy Gear, Novato CA Date: 6/16/14 Time: 5:40 am
I love this sculpture as I do all of my Metal Souls sculptures. I have been collecting for years and have 12 now. They are in our "movie room" and look great. We get a lot of compliments. The imagination and creativity of these pieces are amazing. The people are great, too. First met them at Vintage Days at Fresno State. Quick to respond to emails and very flexible. Recommend!Susan Bakeman, Anacortes WA Date: 4/14/14 Time: 10:41 am
I went to Sacramento Comic-Con and Metalsouls had a booth there. Earlier that day I had heard from a Comic-Con who had bought a "really cool metal statue from this seller!" So I checked it out. The Predator sculptures caught my eye. I went home with one, my "Swag" from the Comic-Con! Can't wait to purchase another sculpture!Danny Horiuchi, Sacramento, CA Date: 3/25/14 Time: 8:58 pm
Very unique products. My husband is a construction worker so I had too! We both enjoy this beautiful piece in our home. Love to get one more in the future.Jessica Mccoy, San Jose, CA, Date: 02/10/14 Time: 7:32 pm
I got this as a gift for someone. Tardis came very carefully wrapped which was nice. Very good details. Person I gave it to loved it.Jean, Greenlawn, NY, Date: 01/19/14 Time: 2:15 pm
What a great, unusual piece. I bought this for my brother who is a snowboarder and he loved it. Very very fast postage with speedy overseas delivery to Australia.Donna, AU, Date: 01/02/14 Time: 4:40 am
I gave a Wall-E I bought at Campbell's Octoberfest to my brother for Christmas and my mom kept trying to steal it! I guess I should have bought two...they are so cute!Krista Henneman, San Jose, CA Date: 12/29/13 Time: 9:15 am
Great sculpture good quality. Unique item for a bike lover!Jason, McAllen, TX Date: 12/17/13 Time: 2:15 pm
I keep this one on my desk. Its so cute and looks just like him!Danielle, Lake Stevens, WA Date: 12/16/13 Time: 8:49 pm
The Mini scorpion looks really cool and real. Fast shipping!Erin State, Las Vegas, NV Date: 12/14/13 Time: 3:52 pm
I gave the Basketball to my boyfriend as a present and he loved it. Good customer service and fast shipping.Quincy Ching, Fresno, CA Date: 11/29/13 Time: 6:52 pm
Great pieces absolutely great!!William Bronston, Carmichael, CA Date: 11/11/13 Time: 11:53 pm
Really cool gift, I hope, first time buying from the site. Seems like cool art and conversation pieces. Buying for my boyfriend who loves Harleys and motorcycles.Alyssa Nielse, Kirkland, WA Date: 10/27/13 Time: 12:58 pm
We bought two Minions from you last weekend in Monterey. I and my husband really loved them.Gianna, Fresno, CA Date: 09/17/13 Time: 10:01 pm
Just received my customs order, I really loved it. The price is a little compared to their regular prices, but it has a lot of details and kind of heavy sculpture. Definitely come back with you guys again. Thanks Metalsouls.Mark Skags, Phoenix, AZ Date: 09/10/13 Time: 5:47 pm
I am a huge minion fan and received this as an anniversary present from my husband. It is spectacular!! Sitting on a shelf with other minions around it, I just look at it and smile. Excellent craftsmanship, sturdy and well built. It will be a treasured keepsake for years to come!!!!Carrie Roberson, Salem OR Date: 08/22/13 Time: 8:21 pm
My nephew is a Star Wars fan and really liked this friendship sculpture I purchased for him for his birthday. His father who is an even bigger Star Wars fan, loved it! I may have to purchase another one for his birthday! It was neat that C3PO screwed together to really show the height difference between him and R2-D2. I am also looking at others for other family members.Monica, CA Date: 07/25/13 Time: 4:57 pm
I just received my order (a wall-e and a Dalek), and they are beautiful, thank you!Jenny Chan, Calgary, Alberta Date: 06/07/13 Time: 7:30 am
I love my object of art HULK.he is a bad MO FO.16 inches tall and 11 pounds of scrap metal fury!!!!!!!! Thank You Metal Souls.Mark Beringer, CA Date: 05/15/13 Time: 7:13 pm
Bought this at a show. Was impressed by how intricate the piece was. But once i got it home and was able to really look at the piece and examine closely was even more impressed with the detail and total design. Cant wait to get another one!!Tony Baker, CA Date: 05/14/13 Time: 5:20 pm
Brilliant artwork and creation. Looks very realistic even out of water! I also wish to offer highest praise to customer service team. Quickly responded to problem with shipping and very generously sent another model.Some major companies could do well to learn from this team. Many thanks.Ken Moore, UK Date: 04/18/13 Time: 11:53 am
Such a cool piece. Amazing detail. So happy to deal with Metal Souls. This is a second time they are in Tempe. We bought couple items for Christmas last year in November. All my kids loved their sculptures. We are very happy to see them again in Tempe. I took my two kids to see their sculptures on Sat and bought couple more.Coleen J, AZ Date: 04/07/13 Time: 6:49 pm
So much more amazing in person. Incredible detail. Really original work. Can't say enough good things about the piece and the great people at metal souls. Email them with all your questions they are so nice and easy to deal with. Shipped from California on a Monday afternoon and was at my house in New York on Friday.Chris Protor, NY, Date: 04/05/13 Time: 10:20 pm
We met them in Anaheim Convention Center in LA. Their sculptures looked awesome. We bought 1 Wolf Predator and 1 Alien Queen for our kids. They really loved them. Hope to see them again and look for other sculptures.Megan Q, LA, Date: 03/31/13 Time: 8:18 pm
Good prices and more selective items, we bought couple sculptures at Anaheim Convention. We loved the big Optimus Prime, we hope we can get it next time.Corey, LA, Date: 03/29/13 Time: 11:31 pm
You wouldn't believe how many friends wanted to buy this from me,this is one of my favorite pieces that I purchase from you Jack and will always cherish the workmanship and time on it, Thanks your friend always Rich Ramos:)Richard Ramos, Date: 01/29/13 Time: 1:50pm
I got this as a gift for my best friend and it was perfect! It's a great size without being too bulky, and very well-made. It was shipped the same day I ordered it online and arrived quickly. I highly recommend!Ali, Date: 01/21/13 Time: 1:50pm
The price for the items I looked at were very reasonable, the piece I bought was worth every penny. It didn't take long at all for me to get my order, I ended up getting it in less time than it should have taken. As for customer service, they pretty much get back to you right away with an answer, you can tell they do want to keep their customers happy. Which is sadly lacking on a lot of online purchases. I'd definitely order from this vendor again and fully recommend this site.Nicholas Lofton, Wyandotte MI Date: 12/14/12 Time: 6:56 pm
I saw their work at a craft fair in Genoa, NV. They had a helicopter that reminded me of my son who currently is depolyed in Afghanistan. I looked them up on the internet and was able to purchase it. Their response to emails was quick and the shipping the same. It came today and looks just as amazing as it did when I saw it in Genoa. Can't wait to give it to my soldier when he comes home. =)Denise Berumen, Dayton,NV Date: 11/26/12 Time: 8:10 am
I purchased at item from for my husband on our anniversary. I received it very quickly and in time to give it to him on our special day. Thank you!! I will definitely purchase from them again!Lisa Smith, SAN JOSE CA Date: 11/01/12 Time: 10:50 am
I just received my Great Dane (such a cute addition to my puppy's shrine!) but it seems too front heavy to stand up. I've tried different shelves, the kitchen counters, etc. I know there's probably a trick but could you please tell me what it is?Thanks! Megan, Tampa, FL Date: 10/28/12 Time: 4:01 pm
JUST AWESOME, I have two figures now with plans to buy more. They capture the true identity of the figures....again AWESOME.DJ's Place, Reno, NV Date: 09/20/12 Time: 4:01 pm
I just bought one of these from an Art & Wine festival where Metal Souls had a booth. The one I bought if much, much better looking than what is pictured here sf175. It has the same two points of articulation (head and waist), but the detail on the head looks much more Alien-like. They might have revised the pattern since this photo was taken. If so, you can expect a MUCH better looking figure that what is pictured.Plazman, CA Date: 09/17/12 Time: 2:18 pm
I bought three statues for my son's new bedroom and when we revealed it to him when he got back from summer camp, the statues are the first thing he went to in the room. He said "Cool!" which is a pretty good reaction coming from a pre-teen... at least mine! As for myself, I LOVE them! I think they are absolutely fantastic! They look extremely close to what the picture is on their website. The prices are reasonable considering their uniqueness. The service by e-mail and delivery was exceptionally quick and courteous. I would not hesitate at ALL to recommend them to anybodyVicky Michaud, ME, Date: 09/09/12 Time: 11:00 pm
It's amazing how original and creative they are.. Keep up good working.TJ, Colorado Date: 08/17/12 Time: 4:00 pm
The sculptures are fantastic and made out of recycled materials. We bought the Predator at Burlingame Festival last week, my son really loved it.Caroyla Tob, Burlingame, CA Date: 08/13/12 Time: 1:29 pm
My wife just bought me one and it is phenomenal! The work and artistry are first class and the use of materials is amazingly creative. I may have to get an Alien tooNova, Gilroy, CA Date: 07/28/12 Time: 5:18 pm
I was very glad to find so many artworks here at a good price! I really love sculptures which are made out of scrap metal. Good service and fast shipping.Dave, Novato, CA Date: 07/23/12 Time: 7:00 pm
Metalsouls is fast and releiable. My item arrived earleir than expected. I will order from them again soon. Highly recommended!Martin J Borelli, NY Date: 07/08/12 Time: 1:19 pm
Your prompt service and personal interest made my shopping pleasant. I purchased 4 different metalsouls, each one so very special. One they were out of but found one of their artists to make one for me. How special is that. Wonderful people to do business with.Shirley Kessler, Highland Park, Il Date: 07/07/12 Time: 7:53 pm
Shipping was prompt, and the product was better than expected. Will buy againZigzacNY, NY Date: 07/05/12 Time: 6:14 pm
Got this item today and just love it. The price and service were fantastic as a matter of fact. I'm purchasing another for a friend.Ghostsolder, San Jose Date: 07/05/12 Time: 3:30 pm
I had a question about a product that was not available at the time and received a personal email back very quickly from them. I was very happy to know they took my question seriously and responded with more than just a standard format email response. The product I ordered was shipped quickly, and it is everything that the description said it would be. The item I ordered is a gift but i could not wait because it was such a unique and cool gift that they got a sneak peak at it eary! I will continue to check this store for new and one of a kind gifts. Thank you!Claudia De La Cruz, , CA Fresno Date: 07/01/12 Time: 7:13 pm
Got my stuff today! All the statues were awesome and a lot bigger than I thought they would be (which is a good thing). Also thanks for the gift, it too is awesome :). Thanks again!Dmitri, SE Sweden Date: 06/20/12 Time: 2:09 pm
Excellent service and fast shipping, thank you very much! It is a perfect gift for my husband.Julie Chang, CA Date: 06/08/12 Time: 10:10 pm
this is the third motorcycle sculpture I have purchased from 3 different companies was pleased with it overall only complaint is the welding wasn't quite as neat as my other 2 motorcycles, would purcase again thoRhonda Johnson, Monahans, TX Date: 05/26/12 Time: 2:01 pm
Good service...MB, CA Date: 05/24/12 Time: 9:01 am
Just received my order today. It is awesome. Thanks metalsouls.John, VA Date: 05/23/12 Time: 5:47 pm
Getting this for father's day gift- can't wait for my husband's reaction! I'll keep you guys posted :)Shea, LA,CA Date: 05/23/12 Time: 3:24 pm
We bought some sculptures at the show in Walnut Creek last weekend. They are so impressive. We will get other scultures next year when we see you guys again.MB, Walnut Creek, CA Date: 05/21/12 Time: 11:01 am
Everyone loved the sculptures I purchased from you. They were so appropriate as my husband used to be in the scrap metal business. Will be purchasing the lawyer when it comes in in June and hopefully you will be able to get me the seamstress. Jack it has been nice talking to you and I feel I have made a friend in you.Molly, Sacramento, CA Date: 05/08/12 Time: 8:05 pm
Purchased two the guitar player & the general doctor. So very satisfied and my grandsons loved them. Will be buying more soon. Wonderful gift. Thank you for being there for me.Shirley, Il Date: 04/15/12 Time: 4:05 pm
Hello, My wife purchased a "Predator" sculpture at the San Juan Bautista Craft Fair for me and I just wanted to tell you that I am very impressed with your work.Dan Folsom, San Jose, CA Date: 04/14/12 Time: 4:05 pm
Thanks. Anxious to order for a birthday present.Stephen, NY, NY Date: 04/09/12 Time: 1:05 pm
My order arrived and I am beyond thrilled!! It is awesome, I already have the Optimus Prime earmarked for my next order...great work and I will be ordering very soon!D, PA Date: 04/09/12 Time: 3:05 pm
Great products, reasonable prices, and good serviceBrandon Falls, Mountainview, CA Date: 03/29/12 Time: 7:15 pm
Fantastic service, clear advice and help every step of the way. Product exactly as described, and arrived quickly and very securely packaged. Excellent seller. Thanks.Anna Clift, UK United Kingdom Date: 03/29/12 Time: 1:35 pm
The service received was excellent, very professional, quick and efficient. The person who dealt with my purchase, couldn't have been more helpful or informative and was happy to answer all of my questions. Their customer service exceeded all of my expectations and their delivery service, from the US to Scotland, was brilliant, with tracking available via the USPS website, and I received my order within 10 days. I will definately be recommending this company and purchasing more gifts from them in the future.Mrs Linda Stone, San leandro, CA Date: 03/20/12 Time: 12:37 pm
Excellent quality, service, selection, and price. Customer service was professional, friendly, and accurate. Look forward to doing business with this business again. Thank you.garnett Lottman, alanta, GA Date: 03/19/12 Time: 4:45 pm
The people at Metalsouls were very friendly and helpful. They gave me updates on my purchase and it was delivered very quickly.Rachael Rosenberry, Concord, CA Date: 03/10/12 Time: 10:45 pm
Metalsouls was very helpful with everything and helped me get the perfect gift for my boyfriend. The customer service was excellent and willing to help so much.Miranda Bell, Arroyo Grande, CA Date: 03/08/12 Time: 8:13 pm
Top notch. Went above and beyond! Amike demaine, Seatle, WA Date: 03/01/12 Time: 10:22 pm
I've ordered from this company many times in the past because my son loves their figures. Their customer service is excellent! I ordered a figure for my son's birthday on a monday & asked them if they could get it to me by thursday of that same week so I could give it to my son for his birthday before we left for a trip. It arrived tuesday morning and they did not charge me any extra for the overnight shipping. I would highly recommend this merchant! On top of their outstanding customer service, their figures are really cool too.Julie Mitchell, Clayton, CA Date: 02/25/12 Time: 11:58 am
Very unique product. Very fast shipping. Not to mention free. It's unusual to get this kind of service. Very good company. Thanks!Scott Stabile, Pacific Grove, CA Date: 02/22/12 Time: 1:19 am
I had seen this company at whole earth festival in Davis, CA. A friend of mine had bought a cool desk dragon figurine and I went to see what they had. That led me to their website where I found a replica Johnny 5 that I ended up purchasing. Price I thought was fair since it is a heavy piece and includes a lot of different parts. They had a nice return policy and customer service was good and responded to my email within a day. My delivered Johnny 5 had lost one of his arms and just needed to be re-welded. I was expecting them to do that, but they ended up sending me a replacement figurine, which I honestly did not like because there were parts that were welded on crookedly causing the entire figurine to be slightly "off". Also, I liked the pieces they used in the original figurine. (The company reuses metal so each figurine is different, not always using the exact same pieces of metal for the same figurine.) Anywho, they gave me a check back to reimburse my return shipment. But because the entire process was out of the way, (emailing, packaging, and resending), I did not contact them to do it again with a better Johnny 5 figurine. Metal souls all in all, has a nice variety of products that are neat and unique. Their packaging could be a little sturdier, to insure intact fragile welded pieces. Customer service responded in a timely manner and it was nice that they reimbursed the shipping on a return.Christine Bui, Davis, CA Date: 02/20/12 Time: 5:22 pm
Great stuff!James Sapp, Huntington Beach, CA Date: 02/13/12 Time: 3:18 pm
I've always been satisfied with the items I've purchased from Metalsouls.Charles Smith, Richmond, CA Date: 02/19/12 Time: 3:59 pm
Great products, Great service, Will buy from again!Matthew kashani, Los Angeles, CA Date: 02/18/12 Time: 5:14 pm
Loved it. My boyfriend really loved it... Good for Valentine day. Very fast shipping.Julia Waterson, Clayton, CA Date: 02/17/12 Time: 9:34 am
Fast shipping and beautiful sculpture. I will buy some sculptures again for chirstmas gifts.Mike Chan, San Leandro, CA Date: 01/10/12 Time: 3:10 pm
We love their sculptures!!!. Glad to find them at a recent car show, they made our Christmas shopping easy! We checked out their website later and purchased some more. What made that purchase even better, we were able to get a discount, plus free shipping, too! Life is good!Fern Hawkins, Parkville, MO Date: 01/05/12 Time: 9:45 am

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