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3D Printed Full Articulated Crystal Dragon in Egg.

3D Printed Full Articulated Crystal Dragon in Egg.

Crafted from PLA, our 3D printed dragon ensures safety and eco-consciousness, elevating its aesthetic appeal for both home and office settings.

The Dragon egg and the 3D printed Dragon exhibit remarkable realism, offering an authentic experience for adults. The head, torso, limbs, and feet of these 3D printed Dragons are seamlessly connected by robust hinges, enabling flexible positioning and posing.

Whether you're a student or an office worker, stress can build up over time. Our 3D printed Dragon provides a quick and enjoyable way to unwind and find solace, bringing joy during solitary moments.

Each order includes one articulated crystal dragon and one egg. The dragon measures 28cm/11inch, while the egg measures 13cm/5.1inch. With its stunning 3D printing technology, the 12" dragon serves as a captivating decorative piece for your home or office.

This 3D Printed Dragon Egg serves as a charming addition to your car dashboard, bedroom, home, or desk, also doubling as a stylish car ornament. Wherever you choose to display it, it adds a whimsical touch, making it an ideal decoration for any fantasy enthusiast's collection.

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